Mental-Math Magic and More with Dr.Snehal Karia


Anyone who meets Snehal for the first time is immediately connected heartfully when he flashes you a dimply smile which twinkles from his eyes. Genuine admiration for a man who has successfully surpassed so many life-challenges and very deservingly garnered so many accolades along the journey. Kudos to him and team UCMAS India/Canada/USA.

Over the past 20 years, you have had your fingers in many pies and that burning passion to succeed but what truly inspires or drives you?

It’s been a journey of 27 years now, and like any first generation business, my life has seen the biggest of ups and downs and the peak of triumph as well as the abyss of falls. Have got more determined after the falls and more grateful after the triumphs. The true test of grit and determination, life has not been easy at all. Managing entrepreneurship and social life have made me realize the beauty of both. There are many things and people to whom I owe my successes, but if have to narrow down to a few it would be the desire to learn and the dare to execute. Have always believed in my dreams and have valued the authenticity of these visions. Never afraid that always ready to fail, I have been a delegator and a team leader and I owe my achievements to my team which has been standing firm and tall alongside me since decades now.

What were some of your struggles coming to Canada and settling in?

A new immigrant needs to understand the system, get to know people around, and try to fit into the best of one’s ability. Struggles are part and parcel of every new settler. The weather, new friends, out of the comfort-zone all need to be handled along with the nitty-gritty of starting a new business. Not complaining at all as had enjoyed every moment. The joys and pains of starting a new venture in a new country with hopes of success in the future is enough of a motivation factor to keep moving forward.

How did you manage to grow UCMAS so widely and spanning 2 different countries Canada and India each 11,500 km apart?

It’s entirely a team effort. First of all the product which is fantastic. Having a product like UCMAS makes things much easier for you as you know you are marketing something which, once understood, would be more of a necessity for parents rather than “one more program.” Then the support and teamwork provided by my family. Everybody is involved, and it’s the efforts and shared vision of each and every one that helps build a venture like this. If I end this section without saluting the efforts and unconditional support of my staff, it would be utterly unfair. India, Canada, USA – it’s been a pleasure working in such diverse demographics and tackle mindsets of parents and educationists across these three great economies.

Snehal 2

Today the theme of dream, engage and inspire of UCMAS as it celebrates its 25th Anniversary, 13th Anniversary in Canada and so many awards/ records with the WRU and Guinness book etc? Tell us more on how this feels.

“Oh, these feelings can never be expressed by mere words. It’s like a pat on the back by so many people around you,” says Snehal. We have been associated with UCMAS since 2001 and it’s been an honor serving the product, the company, and assisting kids to develop their cognition and brain functionalities. As Dr. David Barner, Prof. at UCSD, California had once said, “UCMAS is a singular program which enhances so many faculties associated with a human brain and helps a child build upon his cognitive skills.” As I mentioned earlier, dreams have been an integral part of my life and to positively engage with your goals and achieve what you desire to, inspires not only one’s own self but so many other entrepreneurs, parents, children and global citizens as a whole.

You recently received your honorary doctorate and how did this opportunity come about?

Can I just say I got blessed? J Anyway, in year 2017, Ecole Superieure Robert de Sorbon® in association with The Council for Adult & Experiential Learning were kind enough to recognize my work and the contribution done to the community as a whole in the field of education and training. I really appreciate and am grateful for the feedback and references provided by my associates, partners, staff, social media and professional networks which were instrumental in the selection and finalization process.

Snehal 1

Last but not least please share with us your “magic mantra” for success – what do you tell yourself in those moments of struggles and then when sweet victory is by your side.

Magic mantra for success is hard work, and consistency. Respect and follow your dreams. Believe in yourself and be steadfast. Successful people are always targets for criticism and everyone trying to pull you down. Be open to criticism and always be ready to listen. Nobody can force you into doing what you don’t believe in. Prepare well, be well researched, be competitor aware, know your product in and out, and finally be a go-getter. Always remember success follows the brave.

For more information on UCMAS click the link below

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