An Inspiring Soul Story from Shikha Singh

I started my spiritual journey many life times ago… Who am I? What am I here in this world for? I began to search for these answers after the birth of my second child. My quest for answers led me to many spiritual and religious practices. Interestingly, my curiosity about a wooden cabinet however, led me to discover Nichiren Daishonin’s Buddhism and my mentor Dr. Daisaku Ikeda! The wooden cabinet I discovered housed a mandala called the ‘Gohonzon’.
From there began a very interesting journey of self discovery, a greater purpose and the understanding of the true meaning of happiness & peace. I had found my ‘way of life’ and my path of progression and I took to the practice of Buddhism like fish takes to water.
The practice based on the Lotus Sutra, is one that empowers individuals towards positive global change. Its key message is that, inherent within every person without distinction of gender, ethnicity, social standing or intellectual ability, is boundless compassion, wisdom and courage. These can be tapped into and revealed in our day to day life through our actions thereby enabling us to lead value creating lives of happiness for ourselves and others.
In the words of my mentor, “Our capacity to create happiness is infinite. The challenge lies in bringing forth our greatest possible selves in the face of daily reality. This continual progression of self renewal and transformation is the journey of human revolution.” In addition “ The world is woven of the profound connections of one life to another. That is why our actions can make ripples of positive change, transcending space and time.”
Nurturing a deep wish to be able to contribute to the happiness of people I found my calling as a Life Coach and founded my company, LotussPond. This is also my coaching model inspired by the Lotus flower that blooms pristine and beautiful above the muddy pond, untainted, using that very mud as nourishment for growth.
Learning about ourselves, Observing our actions we are able to Transform aspects about ourselves with this new Understanding leading to Success. Self-awareness is key. This is the ’POND’ where like the LOTUSS we too can bloom. We develop ourselves through positive action, using even negative circumstances as a springboard for growth.
My forte is to free people from limiting beliefs using various modalities, tools and techniques. My goal is to help them reveal their potential and achieve results. I help individuals bring about personal and professional empowerment, by providing support, encouragement, motivation, guidance and unbiased understanding. Bridging the gap between their dreams and reality, I coach to clarify, set, and help one stay committed to achieving their goals. I have been coaching individuals to overcome grief and negative emotions, start businesses, get jobs, better relationships, gain health and write books too!

  1. Contributing author Shikha Singh – CEO of Lotuss Pond

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