Did you know that E=mc2 equals YOU + Universe?


We are born into the paradigm of society with several “set-in-stone” ideologies created by mankind and transmitted to us from a young age by our parents, teachers and society. However, when you start to really look within yourself and sincerely collaborate with your heart+mind+soul = YOU will see the exponential potential of your existence as a particle of the Universe and yet the entire Universe in that particle or atom of energy.

YOU are essentially a Divine essence who is limitless, formless, and infinite. E=mc2 is an equation that best explains “YOU” from a metaphysical perspective. 


Scientists acknowledge that all particles (including you) emerge from an energy field of “no-thing-ness” and that we are essentially in synchronicity with the Universe at all times. Our bodies carry matter as energy and we completely mirror the exact same composition of nature. For example 70% of water on planet Earth is similar to the percentage of water in your body. And so also fire, earth, air and spirit. It’s Spirit that gives life, and it’s to Spirit that all life returns to. This belief has existed from aeons whether it be the Incas, Egyptians, First Nations, Asian or Indian civilisations across the world.

According to ancient texts, “The divine within you dissolves and emerges naturally, as does a bud blossom into a flower and a flower into fruit with every turn of seasons”.


Therefore, becoming mindful of your true essence leads to greater awareness of your magnificence, your Divinity, and your unique power to create for yourself whatever you feel is your destiny here on this planet, beyond any and all excuses that your mind “tells you”!

Your are enough to create the most important equation in this Universe.  Now, just go out there and do it!

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  1. Dr Vijay Makhija says:

    Anu Vittal this post made my day ! So thoughtful .

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  2. it’s very interesting thank you Anu

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