What to tell yourself when you are in a “tough spot” and want to give up the struggle?

We all know the old adage “Winners never quit and quitters never win.” ~ Vince Lombardi. Kangana Ranaut is an iconic example of someone who epitomises this quote.

With the release of director Hansal Mehta’s new movie #Simran
comes a huge deluge of new accusations and allegations in the media involving Kangana’s personal and professional life. However, Kangana has expressed herself candidly and shared her emotions unabashedly with an open heart as both an artist and a woman of this world. This bold yet refreshingly honest and novel approach has won the hearts and minds of her many fans around the world.

As Canadians, we know that not long ago (1960’s) women had to fight to wear pant-suits at the workplace because it was specifically deemed as masculine to wear a pant-suit at work even by Western culture standards as it confused “gender” norms! “It was in this exciting time of women taking control of their own destiny and breaking out of the limited roles men wanted to keep them in that Coco Chanel laid the foundation for the pantsuit. It was in 1923, that the French fashion designer first introduced her “signature suit.” Like the two-piece garment we know today, the inspiration came from menswear, but Chanel tailored the silhouettes for what was suitable for post-war women looking to join the workforce.” Eric Euse 

Today, listening to her speak about the state of women in India – a third world country gives us great perspective of the work that is yet to be done from a feminist approach across the globe. Gender inequality, “mansplaining” , misogyny, bullying are all prevalent across various industries and we all get affected by it one way or another at some point in our life journey. Kangana talks about how she collaborates with her hear+mind+soul to overcome these challenges and shares her “secret mantra” on what to tell yourself when you are in a tough spot and feel like giving up. The time is now for all women to come together and make a difference for ourselves and the generations to follow.

So roll up your sleeves and get down and dirty….let the games begin!
#WomenEmpowerment #Shakti #Kali #Durga #Sarawati #Parvati

Sharing video clips from Barkha Dutt’s Townhall interview with #KanganaRanaut.

Listen, her words are empowering!
Support her work and go watch her latest movie Simran that premiered at #TIFF2017 https://twitter.com/KanganaFanClub

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