Why a life-audit is important?

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Balancing spheres of Life

Over the years, I have discovered that a frequent life-audit is what keeps my heart open, my mind clear and my soul charged up. It has taught me to be present in the now, to allow each moment to be as it is, and to accept myself as I am. It reminds me to embrace all of the emotions of life, to allow them to move through me, and to be grateful for the simple fact that I’m alive and here in the world to do good for another.

7 billion of us on this planet and each one of us is born with a gift for this world. If all of us strive hard to find our gift and give it away – this world would be a better place….don’t you agree? We are all born with the potential for greatness and we are all unique with no exceptions. Yet most people realise less than 10% percent of their potential, while a small handful of others rise to extraordinary heights and become legends in their own rights. In everything we do we seek the same end result, we all want one thing – happiness!

Now I want to touch on the emotion of pain as it is important for happiness. I want to talk about the profoundness of pain that paves the path towards happiness. Let me explain.  You will agree that from the time you come into this world – pain is a constant companion in life. This is also true that where there is darkness there is light and similarly where is there is pain, happiness resides on the other side. But most of us don’t want pain, we want to run away from it, ignore it, prevent it, seek ways to numb the pain – don’t we?  We all want only happiness all the time – you agree? Yes.

The moment we are born and with that first rush of a great breath into our little baby lungs – what do we do?  We all cry out in pain and this in fact gives joy to the mother as it is the first indicator of her child being alive and well. It seems strange when you think about it? As a baby the only emotion you are born with is love – pain is only a physical indicator to express hunger, thirst or a response to a negative physical stimuli. But as we go through childhood into a teenager and an adult – the roles of love and pain change place in our life dramatically.

This made me start to wonder about the awareness and acceptance of pain and how it can lead to an expression of pure love where in lies the rewards of happiness and peace. So I started thinking about how I can leverage the “pain” in my life for finding the key to holding onto happiness. How can we all learn that when our heart has been broken into a million pieces we can practise to react with equanimity and compassion instead of hate and violence.

My search revealed that pain is nothing but the reflection of our fear in the mirror. By practising the art of facing up to pain head-on and dealing with it fully, I realised that it will help people overcome their challenges and convert their failures into stepping-stones to success. The first step of understanding fear by itself actually dissolves 80% of the pain and helps you to tune into yourself – your strengths,weaknesses, threats,  and then really look at yourself  honestly. There in lies the opportunity for a self-audit so that this “new version” of yourself will thank you for paving the path forward through a process of systematic heart+mind+soul strategies that you can apply moving forward.

My earnest plea to you is to take a proactive step and do a self-audit as often as you can with yourself and then with your partner/family. Don’t wait for a heart attack,  or a break down of a relationship, or a loss of a loved one or getting laid off from work to awaken you to this need.  Remember, all great pain triggers that gives you a “wake-up” call are hidden gems of opportunities so that you can process your life-path forward with planned steps in that direction of happiness for the next many years to come.

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