Why Being SPPPFFy(TM) is important?

view Anu i Jamaica

Last year, I was speaking at a women empowerment conference in Santa Barbara at the Bacara Resort and Spa. I planned to be at the resort a day before the event so that I could get some time to relax and prepare myself.

And just like most of us who prepare for a business conference I made notes, wrote out my speech a few times, rehearsed it and then looked into my wardrobe for that perfect outfit that would make the best impression at the event. With my work done, off I went to check out the amazing sunset from resort pier that the staff were boasting about. And while I sat on the beach in quiet introspection overlooking the humongous ocean as the sun kissed the sky goodbye at the horizon, my mind started to wander to deeper depths withing myself…. And as I started thinking, my thoughts converted into the very images of my life – my childhood days, my experiences, my failures, my successes, my career, memories of family and friends etc. As this movie flashed in front of my mind’s screen I suddenly realised that what I was going to speak to a roomful of people the next day needs to make a greater impact and give the audience listening to my “words of wisdom” a purpose to create a legacy of happiness for themselves as well as for humanity at large!

I am curious to know how many of you believe that your personality is more than than the words you speak and the dress you wear? I am sure you have had that “electric” feeling when you meet someone for the first time or notice a person immediately when they stride into a room. An unknown magnetic field attracts you automatically to his/her vibrations of a “larger than life” personality. This is nothing but an energy field or a conscious calibrations curated by their mind,body and soul combination where mass is converted into energy wavelengths. Albert Einstein give us the perfect explanation with his equation E=mc2 in 1905. Hence it is proven that each one of us extends beyond the external physical aura as we are infinitely expanding mass from your internal self or source energy as it generates within and around the Universe.

This is why I developed a program for empowering people with the power of being SPPPFFy(TM) and the acronym stands for Spiritual, Physical,Personal, Professional, Financial and last but not least Family and Friends! Being SPPPFFy(TM) means investing in YOU on a daily basis along these six verticals so that you can be a better version of you every single day. The process involves a life audit followed by a SWOT and customised SMART goal setting methodology that is tailored to your needs.  These types of daily investments in your Heart+Mind+Soul = Happiness as you “renew” each day – so shall you reap the rewards of being SPPPFFy(TM)!

Want to learn more? Get in touch with me.

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